Technology solutions provider Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH announces a partnership with Consulting Seidling to deliver an industry-leading Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) software to diverse security and risk management teams in Europe, Africa, and Asia. With Traversals, customers worldwide can improve their visibility into the online threat and risk landscape, understand real-time events as they unfold, and make critical decisions. 


On-site security risks often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and edge networks gain traction, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify and monitor security threats in the conversations taking place online. 


Traversals solves this problem by providing federated access to this data, allowing users to focus on a specific keyword and location-based content for effective prioritization.


Unlike other OSINT software providers, Traversals allows users to seamlessly move between global news outlets, blogs, social media sites, dark websites, document repositories, and other online areas with just a few clicks. This accessibility in a single platform, combined with powerful Artificial Intelligence, makes searching, filtering, and analyzing an otherwise overwhelming amount of data fast and effective. 


“When I came across Traversals and its Global Disaster Alerting System (GDAS), I immediately recognized value it could bring to Consulting Seidling’s clients,” said Richard Seidling, CEO, and founder of Consulting Seidling. “In today’s threat climate, Traversals solves problems for geopolitical risk assessments, crisis monitoring, misinformation, and disinformation monitoring, counterterrorism, criminal investigations, cybersecurity, and executive and brand protection. I believe this OSINT tool will lead to a more secure critical infrastructure.”, said Richard Seidling (CEO and founder of Consulting Seidling).


“We are very excited to partner with Consulting Seidling. Their team has a wealth of expertise in delivering and teaching leading software solutions to customers, which is exactly what Traversals strives to do. Our partners are critical to the success of our business and we are excited to have the opportunity to market our solution with Consulting Seidling. We look forward to working closely with their team to ensure their customers have access to the critical data they need,” said Dirk Kolb (CEO and founder of Traversals). 


It’s not the big guys that create a suitable product in time – it’s the fast and innovative that support the needs in the best possible way. 


About Traversals

Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH is an analytics and intelligence company based in Erlangen, Germany. It provides software products and related services to enterprises and government agencies. Traversals has more than 20 years of experience in information fusion with customers in business and government. Traversals plays a critical role in making data understandable to people who are not data scientists.


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About Consulting Seidling

With decades of experience and numerous challenging mandates worldwide, Consulting Seidling draws on a very high level of experience in the field of threat mitigation, prevention, security analysis, and consulting. Our experience is the capital of the company. Through professional work and a global network we take care of our clients and their interests. Our team draws on more than 20 years of experience in private security for analyses and the consultations. Our focus in private security is largely on armed personal protection with reconnaissance concepts and escort services. This activity is a wide-ranging subject, it includes not only crisis management of clients and active escorts of our clients, but also counterintelligence. To gain an insight into the complexity of the tasks involved in consulting and our threat analyses, to be appropriately integrated into a professional security concept, our employees are assigned according to their professional knowledge and suitability.


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