Global Disaster Alerting System

Traversals' Global Disaster Alerting System

Identify emerging disasters, crises or other events and respond faster

GDAS is Traversals’ disaster operation center based on the AI-powered Intelligence Platform. Public sector organizations rely on GDAS to identify breaking news on disasters and emergency events, enabling the fastest response to public safety emergencies.


Publicly Available Data

Search in thousands of sources, e.g. social media, news pages, blogs.

Understand 90+ Languages

Follow events globally independent of the language spoken.


Turn information into reliable latitude/longitude coordinates.

GDPR Compliance

Collect and analyse information the GDPR compliant way.

Information Fusion

Fuse collected information independent to its origin.

Flexible Terms of Use

Scale with your requirements, e.g. number of disasters to follow.

Identify Emerging Disasters in Real-Time and Independent of the Location

GDAS collects, processes and fuses enormous amounts of Publicly Available Information (PAI) from social media, sensors, deep web or other relevant sources. The collection happens in a GDPR compliant way. AI-powered algorithms uncover the earliest signals of unfolding events around the world, independent of spoken language. The collected information is prioritized and enriched with additional information, such as event locations. All this is done in near real-time to enable rapid response.

Global disaster alerting feed
Global disaster alerting tracking option

Track Events as They Happen

GDAS enables analysts to track and cluster events in real-time that comprise multiple data sources. It fuses information from first responders with eyewitness reports and local news. Analysts receive a continuous situational picture of ongoing disasters, crises or emergency events.

Common Use Cases of GDAS

GDAS can be used for - disaster identification and response, - situational awareness, - protection of CRITIS environments, - force protection, - Medical Intelligence (MEDINT), - or as a trigger for complex analysis, e.g. early crisis detection.

Global disaster alerting system single result

GDAS in Action

GDAS aggregates Public Available Information (PAI) from Millions of different data sources and translates it from over 90 languages. Thus, the most actionable and relevant alerts are supplied to drive critical decisions and respond faster.

Traversals' Global Disaster Alerting System is Based on Following Technologies

Data Fusion Platform

Enables secure collaboration between analysts and orchestrates all elements of the Intelligence Cycle.

Federated Search

Provides a single AI-augmented search API for proprietary data sources, open and dark web search engines.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Provides secure access to already stored information, such as persons or events, in an easily searchable environment.
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