Traversals Technology

Traversals uses state-of-the-art technology from the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and DevOps.

At Traversals, we understand that effective and efficient handling of information is only possible through the extensive use of innovative technologies. With our expertise, experience, and research networks, we are well-positioned to help clients navigate today’s complex information landscape.


We recognize that the complexity of the challenges requires the integration of partial solutions and services offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). At Traversals, we have the competence to identify technology solutions on the market and combine them with our own solutions to meet the requirements of mass data processing.


Furthermore, we understand that privacy is of utmost importance to our clients. To meet their interest profiles, we have developed an intermediate stage of proprietary and anonymous data collection. This ensures that we provide our clients with the most relevant and accurate information while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.


At Traversals, we have also developed our own Data Fusion Platform (DFP), which allows us to effectively and efficiently overcome the challenges of information from a wide range of sources. Our platform enables us to comprehensively collect and aggregate data from diverse sources, providing clients with a comprehensive and actionable view of the information landscape.


By leveraging our expertise, experience, and innovative technologies, Traversals is able to help clients navigate today’s complex information landscape, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

The Internet /

6 Billion Sensors and Sources

The Internet offers a vast array of services and information sources, including open data sources, social networks, and targeted data search services.

Additional Sources /

Fuse Public Data With Proprietary Information

In addition to open sources, Traversals’ Data Fusion Platform can incorporate proprietary sources into its data collection.

Federated Search /

Unified Access to Millions of Sources

Traversals’ Federated Search combines all relevant sources, including selected national languages, search engines or sources, and social networks, to create a comprehensive search function for a specific information service.

Processing /

Added Value Through AI

The initial data retrieved from search engines and social networks can be primitive and unfocused. Traversals’ “added value” functionality utilizes AI and broad training models to classify events and topics, creating structured metadata and improving understandability.


Added Value generates a current dataset from mass data, which serves as a starting point for data analysts’ in-depth observations.

Data Repository /

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph

The processed information collected from sources is stored in graph databases and proprietary solutions, providing quick and efficient access. The datasets are used for live feeds and historical data analysis, with AI-based models indexing the content.

Advanced Analytics /

Trend Analytics and Anomaly Detection

Situational pictures allow for tactical decisions, reactions, and actions. The evaluation of temporal changes and their geo-localization provides an enhanced understanding of relationships and developments, as well as trend analysis.

Specific Analyses /

Run Own Analyses

Combining subject-specific information with a client’s own data analysis team results in a relevant and insightful situational picture.

Benefit /

Reduce Costs and Relieve Analysts

Technology, AI, and automation reduce costs, relieve analysts of routine tasks, and allow for mass data processing. Regular scenario creation with identical search profiles allows for analysis of changes and trends.