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Ukraine Dynamic Frontline Monitoring

Traversals has set up the Ukraine Dynamic Frontline Monitoring [UDFM] service to record military events in the war zone by reading and analyzing publicly available data. Relevant data sources are queried at regular intervals, information is collected, machine-translated, selected, categorized and enriched with structured data. The collection happens in a GDPR and T&C compliant way by using official APIs. The processed information is offered as a live feed and also as a corpus of historical data without dedicated further analysis. Appropriate interfaces enable the integration of the information into the customers’ systems. The service can be accessed as SaaS hosted in the EU cloud with a web client or via the API.



War has been raging in Ukraine since February 2022. The developments and changes in the military situation on the battlefield as well as in the political environment are influential factors for a broad group of observers, leaders and decision-makers in the global environment.


Social networks in particular provide timely access to reports, assessments, opinions in the form of texts, images and videos. The mass of information and data, language barriers, as well as the extensive lack of meta-information, complicate the work of data analysts.


The Traversal Data Fusion Platform (DFP) enables the automated retrieval of data sources, the capture of selected information and the generation of structured meta-information.


Relevant information from thousands of individual sources is made available to the analyst team in an understandable form in near real-time. The effectiveness, efficiency and reproducibility of the processes characterize the performance.


Core Features

[UDFM] automatically detects local changes in the frontline in Ukraine and adapts multilingual information retrieval.

[UDFM] provides pre-filtered, machine-translated, geo-coded reports classified by events. Images and videos complement the text reports.

With a range of mapping options and track decks for individual frontline sections, [UDFM] provides information to staff facilities and demand units.

[UDFM] searches Russian, Ukrainian and English sources for the latest news in real time around the clock and provides the information found after AI-based pre-processing.

[UDFM] enables analysts in situation centers and strategically oriented units to react to changes in the shortest possible time via an intuitive web interface.

[UDFM] integrates seamlessly with proprietary solutions. Traversals provides expertise and support as needed.

[UDFM] offers automatic content-indexing, pre-processing of unstructured mass data, a broad multilingual information base and relieves analysts of routine work.

Ukraine Dynamic Frontline Monitoring


Technical Details

Fast, secure and always up to date. The [UDFM] service is constantly being improved through customer feedback. New features are implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to the modern DevSecOps architecture and improve customer deployment.

Ukrainian, Russian and English. Other optional languages, such as Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, …

AI-based event classification of text content with 200+ categories.

Automated search with an interval of 1h. Shorter optional search intervals of e.g. 15min.

GDPR-compliant integration of Telegram, VKontakte and TikTok. Further optional data sources, e.g. Twitter, Reddit, Yandex, Google, …

Context-sensitive and robust geocoding of text content.

AI-based object recognition, scene identification, face recognition, multilingual optical character recognition.

Protected access to texts, images and videos using the built-in proxy system.

SaaS hosting in the EU cloud with web client or API (Application Programming Interface).



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