Make Data Speak Your Language

Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH is a German SME business that focuses on innovative IT solutions transforming data and information into appropriate intelligence. Traversals stands for motivated teamwork, flexibility, creativity, honesty, transparency and confidentiality protection based on high ethical standards, German law and mentality. The focus is on the design and creation of state-of-the-art products to meet the needs of our customers.

The Data Fusion Platform allows institutions to securely store all their data, whether structured or unstructured, in an easily searchable environment that is accessible to both non-technical and technical analysts. The data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently through various search options, such as free searches, graph-based searches, spatial searches or semantic searches. The Software Development Kit allows a free design of solutions and thus a complete adaptation to the own requirements.


Identify potential security vulnerabilities, detect threats and prevent data leaks.


Record patient data, track medical treatments, perform symptom-based searches or predict disease progressions.​

Border Control

Correlate data and information to verify crossings of goods and persons in order to detect irregular operations.


Analyse data and information to contribute to security and to protect governmental interests against fraud, crime and terrorism.


Monitor supply chains to provide intelligence on compliance, fraud, product piracy, smuggling and other criminal incidents.


Support insurance companies with technical anti-fraud measures through machine learning, predictive modeling and anomaly detection.