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  • Make Intelligence-Driven Decisions

    Combine Various Solutions Based on Traversals' SaaS Intelligence Platform

  • Ukraine Dynamic Frontline Monitoring

    Follow the Ukraine Frontline in Almost Real-Time

  • Global Disaster Alerting System

    Identify Emerging Disasters in Real-time and Independent of the Location

The SaaS Intelligence Platform

The platform uses state-of-the-art AI and Big Data technologies to research global events, identify potential threats, compliance issues, and opportunities in the context of your business. Analysts and decision-makers benefit from faster prediction, identification and response times by collecting, analysing and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and your workflows.


Solutions Based on Intelligence Platform

Combine intelligence solutions with Traversals’ SaaS platform to create synergy effects that directly generate added value. It scales with the data, users and use cases.

Strategic Intelligence

Prepare, underpin and make strategic decisions for your business.

Vendor Risk Management

Identify, prevent and manage vendor risks in real-time.

Competitor Intelligence

Monitor and manage your competitors and predict their next moves.

Medical Intelligence

Predict, monitor and manage health endangered situations worldwide.

Data Leakage Detection

Identify, investigate and manage data leaks harming your business.

Your Own Solution

Use the SDK to Develop Your Own On-Premise Solution

Why Traversals' Intelligence Platform?

By combining the most modern AI methods with Big Data technology, vast amounts of multilingual and multinational information are reduced to the relevant fraction. The combination of machine and man allows even small teams of analysts to carry out the most complex analyses. Due to the generic character of the platform and its SaaS functionality, different intelligence solutions can be easily implemented and deployed within organizations.

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