An eye on the future – NBS Northern Business School and Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH sign cooperation agreement.


In a networked and increasingly digitalized society, the analysis of data and information plays an ever greater role. This applies in particular to the fields of security and safety management. At the same time, the development of use cases is still in its infancy. Integrating the possibilities associated with data analysis into research and teaching is the focus of a new cooperation agreement.


Research, identification and analysis of data and information for the creation of well-founded forecasts – this is briefly the self-description of Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH. Behind this is the ability to develop and operate target-oriented evaluation concepts for a wide range of issues in a short time based on extensive current and historical data volumes. According to Dr. Dirk Kolb, founder and CEO of Traversals, in an interview with Prof. Dr. Uwe Här, Rector of the NBS Northern Business School, it is particularly important to always keep an eye on the history of an issue, as this significantly influences the analysis. “The need to systematically process the publicly available Open-Source Data, in particular, is currently being recognized in many companies and public authorities and implemented by us in corresponding projects,” said Dr. Kolb.


For the NBS with its security and safety management studies, the cooperation means an important impulse for both research and teaching, emphasized Prof. Dr. Här. The NBS is intensively concerned with future developments in security management. In this context, the analysis of data is undoubtedly an important component of holistic security concepts.

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