Medical Intelligence

Traversals’ Medical Intelligence

Predict, monitor and manage health endangered situations worldwide – with a single platform.

The global geopolitical situation has changed fundamentally in recent years. Organizations and governments meet these challenges abroad when it comes to international assignments. In order to effectively identify health risks to the people involved, Medical Intelligence supports in planning, preparation and execution of international assignments. Your analysts are supported by Medical Intelligence in the identification and evaluation of health-related data.


Analyze Multilingual Health-Related Data in Shortest Time

Initial searches for medical intelligence investigations typically start quite wide and create a lot of results. Analysts apply a generic keyword search to multilingual data sources and refine the search query by looking at the results. Instead of using multiple search engines in parallel and manually translating each search result, the Medical Intelligence solution supports analysts by providing a single search portal for multiple data sources and applying advanced NLP processing to keywords and search results.

Automate Retrievals of Medical Information

Based on the refined search query, analysts can automate data retrieval. They are notified in case of new relevant findings by the system and can now concentrate on the final information evaluation and thus become more effective and efficient.

Write Focused Intelligence Reports About Global Health Risks

By analyzing the search results with their enriched metadata, such as recognized entities, topics or sentiment, and their relationship to other objects, analysts can focus on the most relevant and important results. The gained intelligence will be used to write in-depth reports for decision-makers.

Traversals' Medical Intelligence Solution is Based on Following Technologies

Data Fusion Platform

Enables secure collaboration between analysts and orchestrates all elements of the Intelligence Cycle.

Federated Search

Provides a single AI-augmented search API for proprietary data sources, open and dark web search engines.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Provides secure access to already stored information, such as persons or events, in an easily searchable environment.

Monitor Multiple Health Endangered Areas Worldwide

Traversals’ Intelligence Platform enables faster prediction, identification and response times by collecting, analysing and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and your workflows.
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