Data Leakage Detection

Traversals’ Data Leakage Detection

Identify, investigate and manage data leaks harming your business – with a single platform.

The digital footprint of modern organizations is growing because of digitalization. Sensitive data of organizations and subcontractors are leaked to the public and can be used by competitors to their advantage or by threat actors to initiate targeted attacks. Lost data results in financial loss and damaged reputations. The Data Leakage Detection supports your security analysts in identifying leaked data.


Publicly Available Data

Search in thousands of sources, e.g. social media, news pages, blogs.

Understand 90+ Languages

Follow events globally independent of the language spoken.


Turn information into reliable latitude/longitude coordinates.

GDPR Compliance

Collect and analyse information the GDPR compliant way.

Information Fusion

Fuse collected information independent to its origin.

Flexible Terms of Use

Scale with your requirements, e.g. number of disasters to follow.

Find Leaked Employee Data

In accordance with the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, leaked employee data, such as passwords or telephone numbers, are used to launch complex attacks on companies. The Data Leakage Detection supports organizations by automatically searching for such data on the Open and Dark Web. Using integration into existing and well-introduced HR systems make it easy to provide the Data Leakage Detection the latest data on your organization for its deep dive searches.


Discover Sensitive Documents and Technical Information

Confidential and sensitive documents, such as product descriptions, new patents or minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, are not intended for distribution. Nevertheless, it often happens that they end up on the World Wide Web. Traversals' Data Leakage Detection searches for such documents in the depths of the world-wide-web and informs analysts as soon as there is a hit.

Minimize Your Digitial Risk of Information Leaks

Traversals’ Data Leakage Detection enables you to identify employee credentials, sensitive documents and technical information, intellectual property, and customer data. The Data Leakage Detection instantly alerts you in case of identified leaks and breaches and provides your analysts with all actionable information to close incidents as fast as possible.

Traversals' Data Leakage Detection is Based on Following Technologies

Data Fusion Platform

Enables secure collaboration between analysts and orchestrates all elements of the Intelligence Cycle.

Federated Search

Provides a single AI-augmented search API for proprietary data sources, open and dark web search engines.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Provides secure access to already stored information, such as persons or events, in an easily searchable environment.
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