Competitor Intelligence

Traversals’ Competitive Intelligence

Monitor and manage your competitors and predict their next moves – with a single platform.

Modern companies are in global competition with their multinational rivals. Companies invest a lot of time and money with the aim of gaining a competitive edge. The Competitive Intelligence solution supports companies in using Publicly Available Information (PAI) to create a basis for action on which marketing, sales and product development can be optimized.


Publicly Available Data

Search in thousands of sources, e.g. social media, news pages, blogs.

Understand 90+ Languages

Follow events globally independent of the language spoken.


Turn information into reliable latitude/longitude coordinates.

GDPR Compliance

Collect and analyse information the GDPR compliant way.

Information Fusion

Fuse collected information independent to its origin.

Flexible Terms of Use

Scale with your requirements, e.g. number of disasters to follow.

Discover and Track Competitors

The Competitive Intelligence solution from Traversals provides access to thousands of multilingual data sources. By using this solution, companies can cut through the noise, see connections and make decisions based on real data insights.

Uncover Connections Between Competitors

Competitive Intelligence is able to uncover hidden connections between companies by running deep-dive analyses. Such relations can be an indication of an ongoing partnership. Analysts can view these compounds in the analysis and perform an evaluation of it.

Write Focused Intelligence Reports About Competitors

The AI-augmented Federated Search translates, processes and ranks all information in the context of the user. Competitive Intelligence enables users to rely on impacting information for their in-depth reports.

Traversals' Competitor Intelligence Solution is Based on Following Technologies

Data Fusion Platform

Enables secure collaboration between analysts and orchestrates all elements of the Intelligence Cycle.

Federated Search

Provides a single AI-augmented search API for proprietary data sources, open and dark web search engines.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Provides secure access to already stored information, such as persons or events, in an easily searchable environment.
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