Federated Search

Federated Search

The Federated Search extends the reach of Traversals by seamlessly integrating Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) resources together with your organization's proprietary data systems. With a single search API, data sources can be searched with Traversals' full computing and AI-based analysis power. Findings of interest can be promoted and merged with Traversals' Enterprise Knowledge Graph while respecting the origin and security of the data.


Access Multiple Data Sources with One Federated Search Call

Federated Search integrates classical search engines, such as Google or Yandex, social media, such as Twitter, and non-classical data sources known from the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) sector. The powerful search language allows text-based, semantic and geo queries against all data sources with only one call.

Run one Query and Understand Multilingual Information

Analysts using Federated Search benefit from the deep integration of state-of-the-art AI algorithms. An AI-based keywords optimization is carried out before each search call. The list of keywords is extended, e.g. by synonyms, to get a more penetrating search depth. Multilingual search results are post-processed using NLP so that they can be understood by analysts without having expertise in the given language.

Rank Information in Your Context as Part of the Search

The Federated Search applies a context-specific ranking algorithm to all collected information including their NLP-based metadata. Analysts benefit from the fact that the most important information appears at the top. Big Data becomes Smart Data which results in massive time saving for investigations and associated cost reductions for the organizations.

AI + Human-in-the-Loop

Federated Search plays a significant role in Traversals' Intelligence Platform. It is an integral part of manual deep-dive searches and also a core element for repetitive and automated searches used for constant updates on a certain topic.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Traversals’ Intelligence Platform enables faster prediction, identification and response times by collecting, analysing and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and your workflows.
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