Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph allows organizations to securely store all kinds of information in an easily searchable environment that is accessible to both analysts and processing machines. Furthermore, it solves the critical task of mapping relations between entities for a better and more logical understanding of situations. Traversals’ Enterprise Knowledge Graph is the single source of truth for all kinds of processing and analysis and is directly integrated with the search possibilities.


Model Real World as a Knowledge Graph

Our experience confirms that classical SQL databases are unsuitable and inefficient for modeling a world with a lot of relations. These relations are of crucial importance when it comes to the understanding of situations. For this reason, we use a scalable state-of-the-art graph database as a core element of our architecture. The graph supports all enterprise features, such as horizontal scaling or backups.

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph used within the Data Fusion Platform.

Enable Secure Collaboration and Sharing of Intelligence

Traversals' Enterprise Knowledge Graph enables secure inter- and cross-organizational collaboration between analysts and stakeholders. Access restrictions are implemented at the attribute level, for example, a person's name or date of birth. With the attribute-based access control, it is thus possible to control which users can and may work with the data. All interactions are recorded in an audit log. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph runs both on-premise and in the cloud.

Store Knowledge in Compliance With DSGVO and GDPR

Personal data stored within the Enterprise Knowledge Graph can be clearly identified and secured. The “Privacy by Design” concept has been applied when the graph was implemented. It is ensured that the storage of personal data meets all requirements of DSGVO and GDPR.

Apply Sustainable Data Modelling to Your Knowledge

Most applications are built around a fixed data model. Adapting the data model is a very difficult task. In the case of intelligence applications, however, it is necessary to continuously expand and grow the data model. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph allows the model to be adapted without complex transformations, as known from SQL times. This feature characterizes the sustainability of our solution.

Model Real World Scenarios

Traversals’ Intelligence Platform enables faster prediction, identification and response times by collecting, analysing and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and your workflows.
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