Data Fusion Platform

Data Fusion Platform

Implementing customer wishes quickly and efficiently and at the same time remaining future-proof for the next intelligence applications requires a great deal of technical know-how. The Data Fusion Platform is the result of years of testing in the field of data and information fusion. It is aimed at all customers who require a scalable intelligence solution for an efficient and continuous adaptation to new conditions. Its use cases are, but not limited to Strategic Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence, Business Partner Due Diligence and many more.


Use the AI-Assisted Intelligence Cycle as Workflow for Data Fusion

The concept of the Data Fusion Platform is based on the well-established Intelligence Cycle. The elements tasking/request, collection, analysis/interpretation/processing and dissemination are covered in all aspects of the platform. This workflow is assisted by modern AI and turns world-data into intelligence. Customers can run the Intelligence Cycle either in a fully automatic way or fully manually. This approach allows a good adaptation to available resources.

The Intelligence Cycle is the main workflow for the Data Fusion Platform.

Benefit From Horizontal Scalable Backend-Technology

All elements within the Data Fusion Platform are encapsulated into small functional modules. The orchestration system of the platform scales up or down depending on the current workload. This horizontally scalable characteristic ensures the best utilization of existing server hardware, a reduction of operational costs and high reliability. The selected technology stack runs both in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid approach.

Modular User Interface for Information Fusion Systems

The web-based user interface follows a component structure based on the latest technology stack. The main advantage is that it allows rapid-prototyping and also enables the reusability of existing components. The number of components is constantly growing.


Use a Future-Proof System for Data Fusion

Traversals’ Intelligence Platform enables faster prediction, identification and response times by collecting, analysing and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and workflows.
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