Data Fusion Platform

Integration and transformation of data to enable secure collaboration.

World of Data Islands​

Isolated data islands with valuable information emerge rapidly within organizations. These islands may hold diverse information and may be comprised of structured data such as access control data, log data and process data or they can hold unstructured data such as images, videos and documents.

When organizations want to find valuable information by holistic analysis, it becomes impossible with continuous growth and addition of new data islands. It might take days, if not months, to find the critical information on which the organizations have to act. Even if there is only one data island within an organization, representation and packing of the data might prevent uncovering the information. ​​

Bring Data Together​

Traversals Data Fusion Platform bridges and connects all data islands by integrating and transforming the data, regardless of type and size, typically in isolation, into a single, coherent data set.

Organizations can then easily and quickly locate critical information that would have been almost impossible with diverse and large data islands.

Enrich Data Continuously​

Even with addition of new data or data sources, data flows into the platform continuously. Incoming data is massaged and represented by corresponding real world objects such as person, place, organization and events, linked to each other by ample relationship information.

The data is then enriched automatically providing much more information for a better and accurate analysis. The data might also be transformed in various ways to enable better correlation of information.

Observe the Process​

Users can observe the continuously collated data in the platform, update information or add new information themselves.

All actions of change on the data is tracked and access to the data is controlled by the platform. Information may be added by submitting reports or linking objects already available in the platform.

Interact With Ease​

Humans do not think in tables or columns, they only think about the task in hand and how best to achieve it.

Typically, users who are interested in the data analysis provided by the platform are not engineers and hence, do not want to think about the underlying data mechanisms.

Collaborate and Organize

Typically, users who are interested in the data analysis provided by the platform are not engineers and hence, do not want to think about the underlying data mechanisms.

This ecosystem of data and capabilities enhances the performance and knowledge of the entire institution.

Knowledge Database

Secure storage of all structured or unstructured data in an easily searchable environment that is accessible to both non-technical and technical analysts.

Fast Response

Storing of data with high performance and automatic processing with low latency.

High Scalability

Horizontal scaling of data storage, data processing and data access with the goal to utilize resources in an efficient way and to decrease risks of failure.

Development Kit

A Software Development Kit for own processing modules, database schemas, and user interfaces.

High Security

Categorization of information with pre-defined classification rules with the guarantee that analysts see only what they are allowed to see.

Artificial Intelligence

Integration of various state-of-the-art AI solutions for information processing, anomaly detection and pattern recognition.