Vision and Mission

It’s Not the Big that creates a suitable product in good time – It’s the Fast and the Innovative that support the needs at the best.

I was privileged to do research on new methods of signal processing and pattern recognition for the application in reconnaissance. As project manager for system deliveries with a volume of up to 20 million Euros at national and international markets, I learned to act comprehensively and sustainably. As head of a development department in a multinational corporation, I was responsible for information fusion and customer contacts.

Today I believe in the opening statement and am glad to be able to act and decide together with my valued colleagues on my own responsibility in the service of our customers.

Dr. Dirk Kolb – Founder and CEO


Agile Organization

The Traversals team has 10+ years of experience in the collection, storage, analysis and fusion of data and information in a wide variety of applications. Numerous complex consolidations have been successfully completed. Regular participation in conferences expands knowledge and understanding.

The agile organizational structure of Traversals concentrates on fast iterations and experiments within the development. The implementation of this structured innovation approach saves time, reduces rework, creates opportunities for creative solutions and increases the feeling of personal responsibility and performance in the team.


Innovation and Research

The Traversals platform is based on state-of-the-art technologies and cloud computing architecture. The platform is therefore regarded as a cloud-native. In addition, the technologies are constantly updated in order to always be one step ahead.

It is a pity – today, research is often no longer the subject of industrial work. Controlling decides on the investment – no longer the market and the customer. Large companies are no longer able to create innovations – they know it. Traversals cultivates a network of research partners. Universities and the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are our partners. We participate in research, deliver contributions to the project and use the extensive possibilities of governmental support, which especially support SMEs.

Networks and Senior Experts

Investor Relations

Traversals is happy to be supported by the network. Membership enables Traversals to quickly access the knowledge of friends and partners. Traversals provides state-of-the-art software and appreciates the experience of consultants with the best experience in operations, research and management.
The type of financing also determines the company’s objectives and market presence. Traversals is a company that is guided by the principles of the IIC. Tradition, engagement, stability and commitment of experienced senior entrepreneurs stand for continuity and long-term objectives.